Believe That It’s Only A Myth

mythYou may have heard a wide range of beauty tips. And of course there is this prohibition or the ritual to be beautiful. But remember, not all of what you read and hear it right you know.

Info that you have read or heard about the beauty treatments that could be just a myth per se, such as the following:

Drink plenty of skin will not be dehydrated
Indeed, we are encouraged to drink at least 8 glasses each day, but not a guarantee of your skin is not dehydrated and is always moist lho. Skin still require nutrients other than water alone. There’s vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, that you can get through food. Also, use lotions that provide nutrients from the outside.

Must Do!
To keep moisture and health of facial skin, use moisturizer and sunblock for skin not exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight, air conditioning, and air pollution will make the skin healthy and not poisoned. As a result, the skin became dull and susceptible to premature aging.

As for the skin of the body, legs and hands, use a lotion. If you do a lot of outdoor activities, so sunblock is a must. Customize your outdoor needs sunblock. The longer you are outdoors, SPF you need even greater.

All soap is the same
In fact not! All soaps do not treat your skin the same. There are a few of soap which does make your skin even more dry and do not provide moisture protection to the skin. For that forget to buy soap only on the basis of flavour, price or bonus he had promised.

Must Do!
Note the contents contained in the soap and adjust to the needs of your skin. Make sure the soap you choose contains a substance which moisturizes the skin.

Sweat is the source of bacteria
Jeffrey Benabio, a Dermatology, as quoted from Shine said that the sweat is not the source of bacteria responsible for the irritation or acne that is on your skin. Sweat is basically a natural antibacterial, only if your environment dirty, so sweat can help spread bacteria very well.

Must Do!
Wash your towels once a week and soak it with disinfectant. Drying towels in a place exposed to sunlight so it does not grow mould. Clean the body with soap every time out to do activities that are heavy, so the sweat that was contaminated by dust and dirt does not stick for long on the skin.

Congratulations to be beautiful.

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