How to smooth the face and smudge-free with a carrot

carrotSkin problems can be overcome with good and proper care. One of them with carrots famous for eye health. The fruit is nutritious for the skin turns us loh. Carrots can disguise a black stain on our faces and can gradually eliminate them as well. The material include: 4 carrots and 5 tablespoons of honey.

The trick is the carrot in the blender and then mixed with honey, apply on face and let stand up to 10-15 minutes. Then we wash with cold water.

It turns out carrots also contain lycopene, which can be efficacious to prevent damage to our skin cells are dead. Very many benefits from these carrots for our skin. That way we’ll get the perfect skin.

Who would want kalo ga smooth skin, white without stain who can amaze everyone? ga no harm in it to try.

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