Lady in Red

lady-in-redLipstick is a cosmetic one of the most easily and quickly applied to change the facial appearance in a matter of seconds. No need to bother, to adjust the lipstick color with nail polish or dress you wear. The important thing, just adjust the overall color of lipstick with makeup and color of your skin. Undoubtedly you will appear more attractive.

Step by step
a. Choose a red lipstick on, which can alter your appearance, becomes more dramatic. Ideally, lipstick applied with a brush.

b. Polishing lipstick starting from the outer portion, continue to fill the middle lip. For better results and more powerful color lipstick, polish again.

c. To avoid an uneven color or a clot in most areas of the lips, trim with a finger, or grab a tissue, then close the lips on a tissue.

d. Want to look glossier? Polishing just lip gloss, starting from the center of the lips, move on to the bottom lip.

Sweet rose pink
a. If you do not feel confident to come up with scarlet lipstick, just choose the color of rose pink lipstick that is more softly.

b. If you want lipstick for longer stick, sprinkle a little talcum powder or polishing vague foundation around the lips, before applying lipstick.

c. Polishing lipstick with a brush, starting from the outermost and proceed inward. Flatten the color of lipstick with pursed his lips on a tissue.

d. The final step, polishing gloss, for the appearance of your lips remains the center of attention.

1. When buying lipstick, do not try it in the palm of the hand. Try the color of lipstick on your fingertips. Therefore, the color of the skin on the fingertips closer to the color of the lips or skin around the mouth.

2. After obtaining a suitable color, begin to consider which effects are produced after the lipstick was applied to the lips.

3. If your lips are very dry, use the first lip balm before applying lipstick to not look chapped.

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