Making Your Neck Becomes Sexy

sexy-neckDid you know that the neck is part of a rapidly aging body? Despite the emergence of some natural causes wrinkles in the neck can not be avoided. Such as, decreased collagen and water content of the skin due to aging, stress, and several other disorders. However, the wrinkles in the neck can also be caused by a lack of care you know!

So, try to start treatment with a natural way from an early age by:

1. Protect your neck by rubbing sunblock in the morning, because the sun makes the skin tones are not interchangeable as causing brown spots (age spots).

2. Natural relaxation to tension in the neck, jaw and face by emphasizing the tongue to the roof of the mouth for a few seconds.

3. Consumption of foods rich in fiber right, and drinking water at least 10 glasses each day to maintain skin’s natural elasticity and moisture.

4. Use the anti aging cream on the neck are also apart in the face and do gentle massage at some point the neck for a night cream to be absorbed nutrients to the skin perfectly. Do not forget to use a night cream that comes only from natural ingredients.

5. Clean the neck if used to apply foundation on the neck.

6. Exfoliate namely, by rubbing the neck with a soft washcloth and gently scrub with soap containing granules. This is to prevent the pile of dead skin cells that can not be cleaned by soap or regular cleaning.

7. Use vitamin C to make your skin soft and beatiful.

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