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Fight With Cellulite: Reasons and Treatment

Most women suffer from cellulite or so called “orange peel”. Cellulite is a change in fat metabolism. It leads to tissue deformation, loss of skin elasticity, squeezed capillaries and pits on thighs and buttocks.

What may cause cellulite and how to get rid of it forever?

Cellulite Stages

Cellulite has four stages: pre-cellulite, initial, micronodual and micronodual. At the first stage the blood flow slows in capillaries, but no signs are visible. At the second stage the skin loses its elasticity, and “orange peel” becomes visible. Micronodual stage assumes the appearance of knots and broken capillaries. The last stage requires medical attention and pretty rare.

What Causes Cellulite?

Unfortunately, a lot of factors may result in cellulite appearance.

  • Genetic background

Genetic background is the principal reason for the cellulite development. If you look at your female linage you can make a forecast of your cellulite predisposition. If you eat healthy food, do much exercise and suffer from “orange peel” cellulite may be heredity.

  • Hormones

Estrogen also influences cellulite, and the risk increases during pregnancy and menopause.

  • Bad Habits

Alcohol, coffee and smoking are well-known enemies of health and beauty. Nicotine decreases oxygen metabolism and complicates the absorption of vitamins and weakens cells. Alcohol also weakens muscles and negatively affects metabolism. Caffeine produces much adrenaline which cannot be consumed by our body in such amounts.

  • Lack of physical activity

Sport activities stimulate the lymph and do not let liquid to accumulate in the tissues of your legs. A regular massage also restores the elasticity of the skin.

  • Unhealthy nutrition

Lack of protein and severe diet conditions can be harmful. Forget about fatty food which leads to obesity, cellulite and cardio diseases.


How to get rid of cellulite? What is the most effective treatment? Your method will depend on your lifestyle and a state of health. It should be noted that for the quick result a number of measures may be used at the same time: diets, body wraps, massage and special clothing.

  • Proper diet

Keep to the following nutrition rules which help you to lose weight and decrease the risk of cellulite. Drink about 2 liters of fresh water or green tea before your meals. Avoid fatty food and mixing carbonates and protein. i.e. cook fish or meat with vegetables instead of rice. Separated meal is also a good idea, for example, only grains or fruit per meal.

  • Physical Activity

If you have trained muscles hypodermic fat cannot come into the dermis. Your workout should include lunges, leg curl and squats. Combine cardio and weight trainings. Do not forget about running, aerobics and swimming.

  • Cosmetics (Oils and Creams)

Anti-cellulite creams improve blood circulation; moreover, when you apply them it is an additional massage for your skin. The medical creams may include the following ingredients: caffeine, extract of green tea, herbs or grapes, red pepper, aminophylline and essential oils.

The essential oils warm up the cells and improve skin regeneration.

  • Spa and Massage

Body wraps may be divided into two categories: hot and cold. Consult your doctor before doing any procedures as this kind of treatment has several contra indications. Cold wraps tone the skin and relieve legs whereas hot body wraps activate metabolism and improve blood flow.

  • Anti-cellulite Clothing

Special underwear increases the skin elasticity and helps you to lose weight. It consists of three layers made of hypoallergenic materials. However, this method is not recommended to people suffering from cardiovascular system diseases or varicose veins.

  • Surgery

The most popular surgery procedure is liposuction which destroys fat accumulation. An ultrasound liposuction has long-term results and the recovery period is rather short. Tumescent procedure does not damage nerves and blood vessels, and blood loss is minimal. Consult your doctor and find out more about the methods and any possible side effects.

As you can see, there are many ways to say goodbye to cellulite. It is better to combine several of them, and the result will be visible quite soon! Make a list of the necessary steps and check your achievements every day.