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Gardening will Still Exist as Long as Humans Still Need Foods

raised-garden-bedDo you like fruits and vegetables? If yes, then do you also know how they are made? Well, in this part, fruits and vegetables are made by the process of nurturing and caring plants called gardening. It sounds familiar, is not it? Of course it sounds familiar. It is because there are many people in this world that love gardening and make it their hobbies. The reason is because in fact gardening is a very fun thing or work to do. No matter who you are, male, female, adult, teenage, or even kid, you can still do the gardening activities. Unfortunately, since gardening is one of the oldest works that exist in this world, it faces some threats when faced with other unconventional works, such as the works in industries. However, gardening still exists because it produces foods, one of the three primary needs of humans. Yet, it still does not hold industries to occupy the fertile lands needed for gardening. Continue reading