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Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Toxic-RelationshipRecognize the signs you’re in an unhealthy relationship and as quickly as possible out of this situation by following the advice from Cosmo.

Your friends Not Believing Him
They say love is blind and, according to research conducted by University College London, it was true. They found that feelings of love pressing the brain region that controls a person you do not think critically and logically. So if in doubt ask the opinion of your friends who are not under the influence of love about what they think. Continue reading

Signs Your Relationship Will End Up

brake-upEvery relationship is different. Every relationship will inevitably run into hard times. Ability through hard times together can make the relationship stronger. However, there are universal signs indicating that a relationship already before the separation. What are the signs?

Time limited time factor. Kayce Bryce, Ph.D., author of Marriage First Aid Kit says, “Time will begin counting backwards from one of the couple to express that something is wrong in the relationship. The longer ignored and no effort to solve the problem, the less well possible relationship to continue. ” Continue reading

Words of Romance Men When Dating & Sex

romantic-wordsRomanticism can not be forced on someone. If your partner is saying the words catapulted careful when making love or dating, just enjoy.

Check out some of the expressions men who regarded women as romantic, as quoted by Cosmopolitan:

“That night, while sitting on the couch with my husband, he suddenly put his hand on my chest, sighed, and said, ‘I’m going home.” When I looked puzzled, he added hastily,’ Home is where your breasts be ‘. “ Continue reading