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Women’s Fashion Accessories

accessories-fashionJewelry is considered the most beautiful accessories and has significance for women. This could be of gold jewelry, silver, diamonds, diamonds, and gemstones. This jewelry has always been relatively expensive price that can sometimes take an impression of luxury in the person of the wearer. The thing that makes women like jewelry is a combination of cuts and shapes, which eventually transformed into an elegant jewelry designs. Continue reading

Mother Millions Passion Many Children

mother and childrenFor some couples, having many children can be a big problem that can lead to misery and divorce. However, according to a study conducted by marriage therapists, Andrew Marshall, there are millions of women out there who actually miss having many children. This is due to the love felt by the mother of his children really inspire and make life feel more alive. If so, who try do not want any more? Continue reading

When a ‘Single Blues’ Is Spying

single-womanBeing single is never easy. Especially when I go home and have to spend the afternoon alone, uurgh …

You are certainly familiar with the term baby blues who attacked a woman after childbirth. In the story of a single woman, there is also a single term blues. In everyday life you seem fine, but once back home to spend the rest of the day and also the rest of the weekend, you can be very messy. Continue reading

Errors that done by Middle aged women

sad-womanMany instant way middle-aged women do stay young for the show. For the rich, even plastic surgery liposuction and injectable silicone is often done despite harm.

But they also often indifferent to their appearance. Not only that, at age 50 of a lot of mistakes that are often done and it triggered the premature aging.

Here are 11 most common mistakes that trigger the visibility of premature aging and how to avoid it, as quoted from the Shine: Continue reading

5 Ways to Overcome Conflict

conflictHow often do you carry emotions when engaged in an argument with someone else? When you’ve mastered by anger, make peace with yourself can make you think clearly in finding solutions. But how?

1. Translate what you really want
When the debate with a friend, sister, coworkers, or anyone else, and the atmosphere the more heat, you will easily carried away. Not a good time to negotiate to find solutions together. Continue reading

Overcome Baldness with Hair Follicle Cloning

hairOne alternative being offered is cloning hair follicles. While waiting for the results of experiments on humans, the technique is at least successful in experiments on mice. At that time, researchers embed the hair follicles on the soles of the feet of mice.

The results of this research has been a major challenge for scientists at the University of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital, Technical University of Berlin, and the British company Intercytex to increase the amount of scalp hair follicles that can be duplicated. Continue reading

How to Have an Elegant Resign Ethic

work-ethic-resignWhen you enter a good company in good way, and then the exit and resign act must be to create a good impression in the eyes of your boss and your coworkers. Why? It is because by giving a positive impression, you may be able to easily return to work with them in the future. Here are tips work ethic resign elegantly:

1. Discuss with your boss first before you submit a letter resign. This needs to be done considering that your employer will also need to manage human resources that will replace your replacement for the work and finish its business strategies and methods. Continue reading