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When A Woman Is Not Longer Considered “Sexy”

When A Woman Is Not Longer Considered “Sexy”You remember when you are in the age range late teens to 20 years, and you become one popular woman in the office or in your community. Every time you walk into a room, it seems every person stopped activities to watch you. You may not pretty like a model, but you have an innate self-absorbed and an exciting style of dress.

But now, in this age range 30-40 years everything changed. Trend clothes offered in shopping malls are friends again it’s not for you. You no longer clubbing all night because you are sleepy at 21.00 and must accompany the child to sleep. Brochures sent to you no more about cosmetics, distribution, or the latest gadgets, but home appliances, vacation packages to Europe, or loans without collateral from the bank. Continue reading

It is not just a sexy body

not-just-sexy-bodyAccording to the boys, girls with solid body contains not merely collateral to enter the section. There are many other factors that also be a consideration for the guy. Justify this?

Make a guy, a girl who had a high confidence to make them have a very powerful appeal. Strong self-confidence that makes you be open, so the guy who is around you also saw an opportunity to close. Basically the boys were most afraid of rejection, then the girl who send out the aura of openness, friendship, a bit much to reduce concerns with the boys. Well, girls like this are very exciting guy who according to the familiar even further. Continue reading

Show Up your Beauty

kati-makeupDo you feel ‘stuck’ in a monotonous style? Consider yourself a good time to reflect. Do you look just the same now than three years ago? If yes, it’s time to upgrade the appearance.

Did you know that do make over that is therapeutic? In addition to giving an injection of spirit, with your new look as though a new chapter of life is more challenging to explored and more determined to go.

Two of these Hollywood celebrities can inspire an elegant style that can be applied to Indonesian women. Continue reading