Do not Choose Shoes This, If …

choose-shoesSize. Yes, of course, much less that you normally make a guide other than the size of the foot? Size is a key condition a person to buy shoes, if size does not fit, you certainly will not buy it, right?

Oh, come on. There is one among you who’ve bought the wrong size shoe, only for reasons of discount or attracted an attractive design? Well, you should read these tips carefully. Because you should not buy shoes that you seek, if …

Its size does not fit

Shoes are too small or even greatness at all will not make you comfortable walking. Imagine, if you had to walk quite far with the shoes too small, you have to hold the pain of a sore foot since the foot too forced entry into these shoes.

And what if you fall for wearing oversized shoes, of course, this shame will survive long enough in your memory. Do not bet risk of injury to the feet and also your self-esteem.

50% +20%

Wow, who is not tempted by the big discount offers footwear items. Especially if your shoes on offer are well-known brand and had long you desire. Unfortunately, the moment a massive discount, many shoe sizes are not incomplete, and sometimes there are few defects in these shoes. Avoid buying shoes just because you offer a discount per se, what you paid, is what you get!

Cute model

Most women are easily seduced into the shoe with a cute model that ringing in my mind. But make sure that you are not just buying shoes to satisfy your shoe rack. Because these shoes should also be helpful and supportive of your appearance. Not only as a display only, Dear.


It feels really cool if could always up to date and follow the trend. Unfortunately, not all trends should be followed, Ladies. Sometimes they can only be a guide or information only.

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