Great Fashion Example of One Shoulder Style

One-shoulder-styleWant to look beautiful and show off the shoulders without being redundant? Use one shoulder only. Peek a variety of style!

Have a good shoulder shape but are afraid or not confident to wear a bustier dress models, use only one-shoulder fashions. Yup, this asymmetrical fashion models can show off your shoulders with the impression of a more sweet and charming. Not only as a formal dress, you can also wear one-shoulder dress to show the impression of chic and casual. Here it is the style that you can copy.

Striped T-Shirt
You who like to look casual, one-shoulder t-shirt could be an option. As the picture above, black and white horizontal accent lines and black accents on the chest and shoulders sweeten the look. Choose white jeans that look focus on your one-shoulder accents. Suitable for hanging out with his friends at the weekend.

Floral Boho
Currently enjoying a holiday by the beach or just walk outdoors with the him or friend? Just wear one-shoulder boho with a pattern of bright flowers. Choice of clothing would be more appropriate if using fabric from a light chiffon. The wind on your clothing will make the flowers in your body is like life.

Wannabe ballerina
Tutu, or ordinary clothing worn by ballerinas indeed become more value. In addition to making the wearer look more feminine, stacks of clothing ballerina skirt into its own uniqueness. Now, with the application of one-shoulder dress paired with ballerina style tutu will make you appear attractive when attending a formal and non formal events. Choose soft colors so that the stronger feminine impression.

Crinkle Mini Gown
For a formal event and want to show the impression of more mature, you can wear one-shoulder mini dress in purple like the picture above. Accents small wrinkle in the chest and torso make these clothes look gorgeous even simpler. Selection of purple color suitable for use on the show day or night.

Simple Chiffon Gown Maxi
Simple always the best. Therefore you can choose the length of the dress to complement your appearance to attend a formal party. The blue color makes you look cooler. Without a lot of accents, chiffon gown with a soft material that will make wind beautify your appearance. Exposed to the touch fabrics that waving a light wind or wave when you walk will become natural accessories.

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