Milan Gets Sexy with D&G

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce made Milan sexier on Thursday by announcing their latest addition to the D&G collection sets. To keep people company for the next few warm months to come, their product lineup focuses on big platform sandals, micro tunic-style dresses and also dripping gold jewelry sets as the main features. This lineup was perfectly demonstrated accompanied by the soul classic “Sex Machine” by James Brown.

Gabbana and Dolce has also revealed to the public that they are about to merge their D&G collection with Dolce&Gabbana, their main sets of collection. The merge is said to take place beginning from the next season. According to the 2 very popular designers, the move is very likely to give their brand name even more strength. The designers also mention that it feels really fresh, just like the very first time they started their D&G collection. They claim that they are currently full of ideas.

For those that are interested in the last D&G collections, they will notice that bright greens and pinks happen to be the colors with the most emphasis. There are also some prints remnants that come from the classic design of Gianni Versace. Silk twill becomes the fabric preferred in this last collection. It is some sort of weave that has diagonal lines.

Some of the sets in the collection gives out the impression as if they have been designed quite expensively for the Roma dancers accompanied by some billowing skirts. Other sets in the collection resemble palace courtesans that derive from the Empire of Rome with a pool lounging in the outsize straw hats, wrist-covering bracelets, and also chunky necklaces.

The last D&G collection also use foulards as its most defining feature. In the construction of accessories, skirts, trousers, shirts, and clothes, the item used as the central element is the silk twill foulard.

In addition to that, the shapes shown during the event that takes place in Milan are somehow made tighter or softer by means of a foulard that winds itself quite sensuously going round the body.

For both Dolce and Gabbana, the show of their last D&G collection may as well be quite memorable as it takes place in the central part of Milan where there is a historic Metropol cinema of the 1940s. The best part is that this cinema is owned by the 2 of these very popular designers.

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