Sweet day

sweet-dayForget for a moment classy solid colors. Cross-channel model of a combination of patchwork fabric crepe and chiffon white and baby blue with synthetic leather vest of the color lavender. Then ‘wrap’ it all with a blazer the color of aquamarine.

The mind is clogged and creative ideas never come? No need to worry. Refresh the mood with all shades of green, like a blend blazer and this bell-shaped skirt. Or, choose a short cardigan with knee-length canal.

When you schedule a day of high mobility demands, wear comfortable clothing, but can keep the spirit remains vibrant. Try to wear knee-length dress with bright yellow blazer that was given a red belt accent. If you must exit the room, cheerful blend of lavender can be obtained from the aqua blue vest with the shirt.

Make you a happy girlie style, wearing the colors of candy to the office can be a pleasure. The choice, halter neck blouse light green color, white pants, and long pink coat. Chic and fresh!

For business travel or meetings outside the city, need to dress comfortably but should still look special. Alloy pastel green halter blouse with frills berdetail cardigan green leaf color is very fitting! Or, select a light green blouse with beige pants and a long coat!

On Friday, it’s time to have fun. Wear a balloon sleeve blouse with slim pants and white color accented ritsluiting. Or, choose a white shirt and a pair of pastel green color, then wear a long jacket mainstay of pink.

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