Hair replacement – not as old wigs

hair-replacementWhile talking about hair replacement toupees it refers. The only remaining similarity between the methods is that they are used by people who have experience hair loss from the crown with the remaining hair on the sides and neck.

Today’s hair replacement, hair system or the like which is also called, are produced using materials that match the hair color and structure and form of the scalp thus become an integrated part of the display.

New bonding technique using biological glue makes hair replacement “permanent” meaning that people can wear them all the time for a limited period. The hair replacement will be removed and adjusted at the hair dresser about. every four weeks. Sports, bath, sauna and other activities are not inhibited and will not disclose that the hair is not real.

Even non-permanent bonding techniques such as tape or braces are used.

Hair replacement cost of approximately between 350 – £ 1300. Furthermore there are ongoing maintenance costs.

Human life wigs
Wig mostly used by people who because of illness or other causes of hair loss suffered complete or nearly complete. Progress in making wigs wigs but has caused more and more used by people who do not suffer hair loss but are interested in the possibility of change and improvement.

Wigs made from real hair or artificial and can be customized, made-to-measure or standard is selected from the collection. Variations in color and hair style is not limited. The price for a good wig is between 173-860 depending on the desires of the user.

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