Baby Strawberry birthmarks

baby-strawberry-birthmarksBirthmarks are benign skin growths that consist of less rapidly growing and forming blood vessels or lymph vessels. They can be found anywhere on the body and can be present at birth or develop both.

Strawberry birthmarks are usually swelling grew up with bright red surface and can look like strawberries. There are several myths associated with these birthmarks and considered to be associated with unfulfilled wishes of the pregnant woman.

They appear after birth, especially in the first month can occur anywhere on the skin. They are also known as ‘strawberry naevi’ or as ‘infantile haemangiomas’. They become a problem if they affect the face. Why such birthmarks appear on the body is unknown. This can be caused by abnormalities in the way blood vessels form beneath the skin surface. They usually appear within the first week after birth. Nearly one in ten Caucasian babies and one in a hundred babies Asia and Africa that are affected by strawberry birthmarks. their occurrence can be caused by an imbalance in the factors in the development of blood vessels.

Strawberry birthmarks are not a sign of poor health and they are also not related to cancer. Usually they do not bleed or become infected. They are mostly harmless. This sign is more common in premature babies. Therefore, it is possible that they could be caused by a residual group of cells in the baby’s skin. That’s a birthmark growing strawberries during the first 3 to 6 months and thereafter they are found to shrink slowly. It is observed that they disappear within 3 years in 30 percent of cases and in 7 years in 70 percent of cases. Time children may need medication to remove them.

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