Banana Skin Benefits

bananaBanana is a plant that has many benefits of the fruit until the trunk. Society in general use and banana fruit for consumption. While the banana leaves can be used as food wrappers. Banana tree bar is often used as a base for wreaths and game-breaking water during HUT RI. Banana trunk can be used as emergency wells logged by then closed for several minutes.

However, not many realize the benefits of a banana skin. Banana peel juice can be consumed as a beverage or used as cake mix ingredients. Banana peel contains vitamin B6 to maintain the health of the eye’s retina and serotonin, which can reduce depression and mood balance. Banana peel is also useful utuk subtlety face and body. Rub gold banana skin on the face and other body parts, allow a moment to dry, then rinse. Do it every day and the routine for best results.

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