Healthy Trends

healthy-trendsIn the year 2015, women should be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle with good diet and regular exercise.

Agency due to not eat too thin? Forget it! Eat until rebound weight (obesity) with high cholesterol levels? Forget it, too! Divert your diet with a complete nutrition is good for your body and skin. Try:

Replace food shopping with more fresh products. Avoid foods that contain preservatives or canned. Switch super food that also serves as a natural anti aging skin, such as radishes, celery, water, beans, onions, spinach, wheat, black rice, strawberries, anchovies, halibut, and salmon.

Gisele Bundchen sexy body like it was the gift of God. Not that you do not have a similar gene, the need to punish yourself by not eating! Even Gisele must be diligent exercise to maintain her figure. So the solution, you must exercise regularly at least three times a week. Try:

Strength training to build strength, aerobic endurance, and skeletal muscle size by using the resistance of muscle contraction. Practice using the tool and load the routine at the gym will increase bone density, metabolism, heart function, and stabilize the level of HDL cholesterol.

Core training for toning the muscles of the midsection, including the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen, which supports the spine. Sports done without using tools and relies on body weight by doing push-ups motion, sit ups, plank, squats, oblique, and others.

Spinning or indoor cycling. Do it for 40 minutes. Calories will burn and your body feels light and fresh.

Body Shaping
No more tormenting yourself with a painful operation to eliminate stubborn fat around the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks. Noninvasive procedure to be a good alternative treatment. Try:

Cool Zeltic sculpting with laser-assisted lipolysis procedures for more effective results by using an external suspension device, so there is no pain or medication required. After 16 weeks, the patient’s body areas that have been treated will look more slender.

VaserShape using ultrasound to heat and break the fat deposits in areas that are difficult.

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