Six Slimming Summer Foods

summer-foodWith the month of June smiling its warm welcome and the sun beating down most days, we really can say that the summer is finally here. There are barbeques to attend, parks to stroll around and exotic locations to jet off to. So with skimpier clothing and even the suggestion of a bikini in the offing, there’s never been a better time to start getting in shape for the season. Whether you want to impress your new eHarmony match or you want to look great on your Caribbean holiday, here are six delicious summery foods to stick to this summer to keep you trim:

There’s a good reason why celery is the staple food of many diets. This vegetable is made-up of mainly fibre and water – two food groups that contain zero calories. In fact, celery contains fewer calories than the amount you burn whilst you’re eating it! So you’ll be losing weight just by chomping on a stick. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Celery will make a great alternative picnic food, perhaps with a low-calorie dip such as hummus.  If you’re not a fan of the celery stick, many raw vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, onion and red cabbage have much the same benefits.

Rice Cakes
Eating too much wheat is a sure way to gain weight. But the summer is filled with cakes and bread-based foods. Enter the rice cake: this wheat-free alternative is packed with wholegrains and comes in at a meagre 31 calories a slice. Although this may sound bland, you can now choose from a range of flavoured varieties – including marmite, pickle and chilli! And you can also load your rice cake with toppings – equally healthy ones though I hope…

This long green vegetable has built up rather a bad reputation. However, it has many benefits and will certainly help you lose weight. Firstly, it contains many fantastic nutrients and with these in full stock your body will stop craving the nutrients in other less healthy foods. Also, asparagus contains chemicals that actively break down fat and therefore help you reduce your fat deposits. Use it in summery salads or as a side dish with a light dip.

Oh it’s that noise again, the ice cream vans are back to mock us. Not this year though – sorbet is a great alternative to every other fatty frozen dessert. Made with water rather than dairy it’s ten times healthier but still equally fruity and delicious – why haven’t we been eating this all along? You may well ask.

Not only are berries the very essence of summery food, but also they are incredibly good for you – and good for weight loss. By avoiding spikes in insulin and keeping your metabolism high, berries actively burn fat for you. Chilli, whole grain and green tea also have this quality.

The high levels of calcium and protein in yoghurt have been proven to burn fat and aid weight loss. Pro-biotic yoghurt is also very good for your digestion – so it’s win-win! This is also the perfect pudding for a summer’s day and will go nicely with your berries.

Whether you’re Muslim dating, Christian dating, or just looking to get in shape, feel perfect this summer with these slimming super-foods!

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