Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Toxic-RelationshipRecognize the signs you’re in an unhealthy relationship and as quickly as possible out of this situation by following the advice from Cosmo.

Your friends Not Believing Him
They say love is blind and, according to research conducted by University College London, it was true. They found that feelings of love pressing the brain region that controls a person you do not think critically and logically. So if in doubt ask the opinion of your friends who are not under the influence of love about what they think.

He Dropping Price Yourself in Front of Others
A little soft and swapped stale jokes in front of friends are common. But when he repeatedly talk about your shortcomings, deliberately contrary to what you say, and laugh about the sensitive subject of personal things you guys. Well, it’s time to give him a vengeance. Maybe you should do it in front of his friends as well and see how he would ‘love it. “

Nearby Warn your friends
Indeed, not many men who have a history of a perfect romance. But if his own close friend concerned about your feelings, then there must be something wrong with your relationship. If this is the problem, do not be too optimistic you will succeed to change. Live a relationship, but preparing for the worst. It may be that you should leave him, take the easy route, and find someone more appropriate.

You love him, but …
If this statement applies to you, chances are you mean love is lust. Two things are definitely different, lust is all you need to it only in the short term but not a good basis for long-term relationship. If you want to have a long term relationship even to the more serious level, you need look for lovers who can be a friend and your loved ones.

He reminds you with the two hearts
Some women have an attraction to get one or two men who they want, or can be run both in a relationship. Well, learn from this, men can also do the same. So, look carefully the behavior patterns of the him. Do not let your heart not only of her.

He refused to meet your parents
Parents such as controlling your relationship as well as adhesive so that no cheating occurs. So if she avoids meeting with them, meaning the cause is one of two things: He did not want to commit to you or he thinks the meeting prospective in-laws will make him panic. Because he knows if your parents will know that he is not good for you.

Email Stalker
Well Ladies, If there is no trust in a relationship if you will be prepared heartbreak later. This situation is unfortunate but there are times when you need to think again why the lack of trust between you and him, then take the solutions to overcome! Not only is the he who must not be a stalker, this also applies to you yes.

Secret Messages
If you constantly ask him about from whom the incoming message on a cell phone or peek every time he got the message, he’s probably just a little surprised. But if he openly secretive and refused to tell who he is communicating. It’s time to give a message to remember: ‘IT’S OVER!’. Do not expect him to prepare a surprise birthday party for you!

He did not want to be friends in social media
There is no logical reason for this. Figure dirty? Messages wall that is too intimate? List of social media friends in the dominance of women? Status: Married? Yes, he’s definitely hiding something.

He bought flowers every day
For your birthday, Valentine’s Day, you sick, or being romantic date with him. It’s fine Ladies! But when he began to buy you flowers every week and suddenly spend more ‘overtime’ in the office. You know he’s already showing the signs!

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