Errors that done by Middle aged women

sad-womanMany instant way middle-aged women do stay young for the show. For the rich, even plastic surgery liposuction and injectable silicone is often done despite harm.

But they also often indifferent to their appearance. Not only that, at age 50 of a lot of mistakes that are often done and it triggered the premature aging.

Here are 11 most common mistakes that trigger the visibility of premature aging and how to avoid it, as quoted from the Shine:

Did not realize you need to change
The biggest mistake women are not doing anything, when the growing age. Ranging from hair, makeup, and clothes that make you look fantastic as when you are still young. Maintaining long hair at the age of getting older, it makes you look more stooped.

If you want to look more elegant, you have to make some changes. “Many women still do the same for decades, very often and no longer suitable to be applied at the age of 50,” said Barbara Grufferman, author of The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money, and More.

“They often do not realize that they made a mistake, so they have to make a change to look different and look younger.”

Not having an investment outfit
Women need to invest clothing. It is a challenge to find good clothes at any age, but it is more difficult in middle age. You may have to unload the wardrobe in the house to find trendy clothes that still fit the past combined with clothing that match the current trend, it is a trick to make changes in clothing style.

Comparing yourself at age of 20
Does your child ever asked, “Who’s that pretty lady in your photo album?” Only a few people that look attractive in middle age as they did during their years younger. So take a walk down memory lane if you must, but do not feel depressed if you experience yourself more attractive when young. The goal is to see how good and sexy what your current age is still young.

Forget sports
Do not forget the sport despite the aches and pains of middle-old knees as you get older. Exercising can actually relieve pain, and prevent health problems in the years ahead, such as being overweight, diabetes, heart disease, or dementia.

If you can schedule a sport, all movements can be useful for you. Begin loves walking, or doing gymnastics activity relax at home.

Sleep deprivation
Sleep deprivation can lead to premature aging. Even middle-aged women often look tired and many of the signs of aging appear on the face. Not only that, lack of sleep are also at risk of developing diabetes and other health problems.

Ignoring dental health
You may focus on the wrinkles or thinning hair, but do not forget to smile to myself in the mirror. One thing that can make you look older is the color of teeth are more yellow. Dental health is closely related to overall health, and gum disease more commonly associated with a higher risk of heart problems. So do not miss a visit to the dentist.

Using anti-aging medicine excessive
This is a common mistake made by celebrities and women generally. No one likes to see fine wrinkles on the face, the skin loosens and wrinkles. They chose many botox injections as a shortcut.

Correct skin products (such as containing retinol) may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But if you are not satisfied with the results, then explore other alternatives do not expect to look like a teenager again.

“There are no wrinkles can occur but is not fair,” said Grufferman.

Think there are rules styling
There are no special rules for grooming middle-aged women, said Grufferman. “It depends on the height of a woman, face shape, lifestyle, and the condition of hair.”

The fact is that your hair will probably look more gray and thin with age, and may look more coarse texture as well. Select the pieces and colors that fit with the look and style.

Using the wrong makeup
Makeup colors and brands that you use for years may not reflect what is best for your skin again. And refrain from wasteful in heavy powder and concealer to cover up wrinkles and under-eye circles in layers or dark makeup that can make you look older. For a more natural look, Grufferman suggest using a magnifying mirror and have a “light touch” when her makeup.

Settle for a boring sex life
You must have the confidence and freedom to dress and feel sexy as you want, and explore your sexual needs as well.

“Women over 50 can have the best sex in their lives,” said Grufferman. “For many women, this is the first time they have sex for pleasure and enjoyment, not for the outcome results in children.”

Wearing the wrong bra
It was inevitable, gravity has an impact on our bodies. “Many women continue to wear the same size and same brand, without considering that our bodies change as they age,” said Grufferman.

In the right clothes can help lift and make the body look slimmer, so re-evaluate your wardrobe and invest in some new parts. Most major department stores and clothing stores offer bra fitting room to try.

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