How to Have an Elegant Resign Ethic

work-ethic-resignWhen you enter a good company in good way, and then the exit and resign act must be to create a good impression in the eyes of your boss and your coworkers. Why? It is because by giving a positive impression, you may be able to easily return to work with them in the future. Here are tips work ethic resign elegantly:

1. Discuss with your boss first before you submit a letter resign. This needs to be done considering that your employer will also need to manage human resources that will replace your replacement for the work and finish its business strategies and methods.

2. Submit a letter of resignation one month earlier. Each company has different rules relating to notice of employees who perform his resignation, just do not do so without notice. This will portray that you are not professional and elegant as well as selfish.

3. Teach specific things that need to be known by your successor. We suggest you do the transfer of knowledge more over before you leave your job. So this will allow your successor to continue your work.

4. Say thank you and sorry statement on fellow supervisor as well as your partners. In an employment relationship, there must be disagreement between you and other colleagues, which may cause friction or debate, even offend them, whether you intentionally or unintentionally. For that, naturally you convey an apology for your mistakes and thanks for their help during the work with them.

5. Hold a small ceremony. To further give an elegant impression in your resignation, make one small event themed farewell party. In the event, you can give above points coherently as well as treat your co-worker eating; in hopes of separation you are not automatically cut and remove your personal relationship with them.

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