Men Fear Marriage, This is the reason

Men Fear MarriageFor men, the word commitment means loss of freedom and reduced income due to be allocated to family needs. In the past four decades, the marriage rate has decreased. Also, lately he is no longer interested in getting married. Then what is the explanation of this phenomenon? Here are some reasons why men are afraid to commit and marry?

1. No More Freedom
Naturally, a man born with erect stance. Men happy to take all their own decisions and live as they want. When a woman enters their lives, men often feel all the options they opposed outright by the woman. Spending time with male friends, buy a big screen TV, play golf at night of the week, had never been there again in a list of their activities. Not infrequently men often feel stuck doing things that just wants a woman like, accompanied shopping or a romantic dinner on weekends.

2. The loss of “Space Guy”
Each man must take time and space for himself to go to or watch automotive repair shop alone. And he feels she often entered the “area man” and change it according the willing the woman. Changing a garage into a shoe store or decorate a bedroom with pink ornaments.

3. Having Trauma
For men who have a bad past with a former lover or have parents who divorced, the decision to commit to a course is not easy. Unresolved pain from her past could make it away from the wedding. In essence, a man with a bad experience fear when she found the fact that it is women who marry the wrong person.

4. Emotional Burden
Women often think of marriage like the story “Cinderella” which always end with happily ever after. This is what sometimes makes a man burdened, because it felt compelled to keep her married life, it runs perfectly. Men also assume women are not ready to face reality if the marriage did not work as what he thought.

5. Not Yet Ready
Sometimes the male fear of commitment just because he really does not have readiness. Not much different with women, men also “frustrated” with the pressure to marry that comes from family or friends. They just want to find the best life partner and while waiting he will concentrate his career, saving to buy a house and do lots of activities.

6. Women forced him to Commit
Men see that marriage is the finish line in her eyes. Whatever will be done by women to get their commitment and marriage, including providing pressure. That is what sometimes makes him scared and run away. Try to introspect yourself, are you including women who enforce the will? A commitment imposed will not end happily.

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