Mother Millions Passion Many Children

mother and childrenFor some couples, having many children can be a big problem that can lead to misery and divorce. However, according to a study conducted by marriage therapists, Andrew Marshall, there are millions of women out there who actually miss having many children. This is due to the love felt by the mother of his children really inspire and make life feel more alive. If so, who try do not want any more?

In addition, a fact also mentioned that many of us who want to emulate the concept of family in which we’ve raised before, particularly happy. As a result, sometimes up feeling less than complete if we do not have the same number of family members.

Usually women feel more perfect if it could have many children, but unfortunately, he actually felt the opposite. They often feel reluctant and tired of the demanding needs more money, and the wife of a reduced attention.

On the other hand, has a large family is actually a good idea too. Of the children for example, they have so many siblings, will not run out of friends to play, can learn to share, so know how to talk to each other, and many others.

Unfortunately we must admit that today is not the same as before. In this 21st century, fewer and fewer women are willing to spend his time, just to take care of family and children. Women today have more choices and ambition. What about you?

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